Contractural Packages

We service our customers on either a contractual or individual basis. Please see the sections below for more information.

Contractual Care Packages

Each package is unique to the customer's wants and needs and is adjusted in order to most effectively maintain a pleasant appearing yard or landscape. Contracts are generally valid for the duration of one year, during which we will come as frequently as you, the customer desires, or as need dictates in order to maintain your yard in a most effective manner. Depending upon the level of our involvement in the care of your yard, we will either come weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed. Customers will be billed monthly at a fixed rate for services preformed throughout the year.

Click here for an example of our standard contractual agreement.

Individual Jobs

For those customers that simply want a yard, lawn, or garden based job to be preformed but do not wish to invest in year-round services, there is the option of hiring us for an individual job. Jobs can range anywhere from cutting a lawn, to designing and installing an entire landscape for a yard.

Many customers select this option if they normally take care of their yard but will be on vacation for several weeks, have a large project to complete, or simply need a break from the intensive work of maintaining a beautiful yard. Please refer to our Services section for more information about what we can specifically do to beautify your yard.


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